Indoor Tether Tug Toy

Indoor Tether Tug Toy
Indoor Tether Tug ToyIndoor Tether Tug Toy

Indoor Tether Tug Toy

Bring the same great interactive play your dog gets from our outside Tether Tug toy inside the house!  The new indoor Tether Tug is great for dogs under 30 lbs that love to play but don’t have easy access to a yard.  Your pup can get the same pull, tug, and spin all from the comfort of your own living room! 

The toy easily slips under any legged furniture (sofa, dining table, bed) or a doorway and lets your dog pull, tug, and spin their way to better health. The Indoor Tether Tug is ideal for dogs under 30lbs.

What comes in the box:

  • 4 ft durable, flexible Tether Tug pole (color may vary)
  • Indoor base to slide under furniture
  • Braided fleece toy with quick snap attachment (color may vary)
  • Instructions for use

Indoor Tether Tug Benefits:

  • Flexible Tether Tug pole bends and stretches during play
  • Toy mimics tug-o-war and fetch play without wearing out the owner’s arm
  • Quick snap attachment allows for easy change to new Tether Toys
  • Indoor base slips easily under any legged furniture or doorway
  • Non-slip padding protects floors and furniture from damage during play




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